New Zealand Holiday Destinations for Chinese Tourists

New Zealand

New Zealand is seeing a massive influx in visitors from China in recent times. After Australian holiday makers, Chinese tourists are the second largest visitor market. Not only this, but in the last year (Oct 2015 – Sep 2016) this has increased by 23.7% as per Given the growing middle class combined with the strength of the yuan, tourists from China are starting to explore newer destinations more and more. In fact in a survey from 2014 by the China Tourism Academy, New Zealand was voted the most popular location to travel on holiday by Chinese travellers. Part of the reason is presumed to be how many aspects of New Zealand are striking contrasts to the conditions experienced by many of the Chinese middle classes. As a lot of these people live in smoggy, sprawling metropolises, the clean air and open countryside of New Zealand is a real draw for them. New Zealand is quite diverse and has lots of variety so the following is a list of recommendations of places for Chinese tourists to visit.


Statistics show that the North Island dominates the Chinese tourism numbers. One of the single most popular destinations is Rotorua. It is positioned in the Bay of Plenty Region about 230km southeast from Auckland. It is famous for having a large number of geysers. These natural wonders are a real magnet to tourists from across the globe. The nickname of the place is Sulphur City due to the distinct smell which emanates from region. As well as the local geothermal features there are a whole host of scenic lakes which provide various water sport and fishing opportunities.


This region encompasses 25,000 km2 and the largest settlement within it is Hamilton – the 4th largest city in New Zealand. The city is renowned for its gardens and zoo as well as providing all the regular attractions a tourist would expect from a city such as bars and restaurants. Part of the attraction of the area is the fact that it hides an enormous number of caves. Tourists can look forward to boat trips in these underground caverns that go on for miles. For the more adventurous tourists Raglan is famed for its surfing and people flock from all over the world to visit it for just that.

Hauraki Gulf

This area is a treasure trove of islands spread from Auckland to the Coromandel Peninsula. Some of the attractions include Rangitoto a stunning perfectly conical volcano and Waiheke, famous for its wine. Amongst the multitude of islands there are a wide variety of attractions ranging from walking to adventure sports and even visiting specially created conservation areas. Another one of the major draws of the Hauraki Gulf is fishing. The location is known across the world for the plethora of fish which can be found here and using Outer Gulf Charters will even allow visitors to combine their fishing trip with spending a night sleeping over on the beautiful Great Barrier Island.