How to make your CV stand out from the crowd

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Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before, what with the state of the economy employers are more reluctant to take on more personnel in general, more to the point most of them are aware that they are in the position of power and have the opportunity to pick from only the most educated and experienced candidates. However even despite all of these additional factors, just as important as your suitability for the position is also that of how your CV comes across when read by your potential employer, after all after reviewing 100’s of CV’s in this timeframe it will no doubt become a tedious process and they will generally be sick of looking at them by the end of a day.

Therefore it’s important that your CV not only displays your relevant qualifications and skills but also is easy to read and clearly laid out. After all you can be the most qualified candidate by a mile however if the person reading your CV struggles to finish it and can’t take anything tangible away from it you are very unlikely to be called in for an for an interview, so hopefully we can help keep you on track when you are writing out your CV to send to a potential employer with a few industry tips from employers as to what they like to see on a resume.

Appropriate language

resumesThe entire purpose of your CV in general is to offer potential employers an insight into who you are, what your experience is, and to showcase your various skills and how they could be transferred into the position in question, so it’s important that the language you use firmly establishes you as knowledgeable in your field and have the technical and practical knowledge of the profession. In order to do this you will want to use as much technical language and buzzwords associated with the position you are applying for however these buzzwords need to be considered carefully.

The thing that you will want to avoid at all costs is artificially ramming these phrases into the structure of your CV as all this will do is appear artificial and that you are trying too hard to establish your credibility. After all they don’t exactly need to know the very minutia of your skills and experience but rather a general overview of what you could offer the company. So the best way to do this is to include them as naturally as possible in order to not only, well, appear as a legitimate person behind the paperwork but also to avoid their presence interfering with the very structure of your CV in general.

Get your face out there

woman headshot man headshot

One of the main ways that people judge one another is by how you appear to them physically, that is to say they asses you by the way you carry yourself, how you dress and a variety of other things. By reading your CV they can form a picture of your skills and work experience however what they are looking for is to be able to place you into their office as a part of their team and working hard for them. Which can actually be an extremely hard thing to do with words alone and this being such an important facet of the entire process that more and more people are choosing to include a professional, clean and friendly looking headshot of themselves to give the reader and idea of who they are reading about and put a name to a face.

When you are choosing the picture however you need to keep in mind that this is a professional shot that will hopefully assist you in attaining a position that could potentially further your career a great deal. So you need to consider how your photograph will come across when viewed, you cannot under any circumstances use your Corfu holiday snaps or any kind of beauty shot, rather you need more to focus on the professional aspect of your image. A shot that focuses from your shoulders up, with you dressed in professional attire will go a long way.

So important are these shots to the employment process in many different companies and industry that people don’t feel comfortable with taking themselves and have turned to leaving it in the hands of a professional and experienced company who specializes in different kinds of professional photography.