Less Common but Exciting Destinations for Chinese Tourists

Chinese Tourists

Given the relative appreciation of RMB, the number of people with large personal incomes and the favourable visa policies related to incoming Chinese tourists it is no surprise that, as a nation, China have some of the most outgoing tourists of any other country. The statistics from 2015 point out the most common destinations for Chinese tourists and the top 5 are South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Without any particular prior knowledge some of these places may not be particularly surprising given the geographical proximities and historical ties between them. However, this article would like to suggest some of the other fantastic options available out there for Chinese tourists looking for new destinations or experiences which differ from the norm.


Golden Gate Bridge | San FranciscoOk so this isn’t exactly an uncommon destination for Chinese tourists but it doesn’t rank in the top 10 for 2015. America has one of the most favourable entry policies for Chinese tourists and it is possible to gain up to 10 year multi entry visas. Combine this with the number of people of Chinese origin who now call America their home it stands to reason that there is a link between the nations. There are some very large Chinese communities within many of the United States’ cities so Chinese tourists can experience a great mix of home and western society in one country. Particularly populous areas for Chinese Americans are New York and around San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Burj Al Arab - DubaiThis is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. The growth of the place is quite remarkable and it boasts attractions for tourists of varying budgets. It can be quite a playground for those with a decent disposable income. Classic attractions such as Burj Khalifa, the numerous malls, man-made islands and water parks mean there is sure to be some superb things to do for those with the cash to afford living in opulent and luxurious conditions without spending a small fortune.


Paris-FranceWhilst countries such as Germany and France do receive quite decent numbers of Chinese tourists there is much of Europe that does not seem to attract as many. Given the relatively small size of Europe many Chinese tourists who are able to take a number of weeks off as vacation at one time can quite easily tour through many countries in a short period of time. Lots of countries can be very cheap to Chinese tourists also due to the strength of the RMB in comparison and so places such as Monaco are still perfectly reasonable to experience meaning that your money can go much further than you would expect in other locations.

New Zealand

New ZealandWhilst Australia experiences a lot of Chinese tourists, the second highest after New Zealanders, the Kiwis themselves seem to attract far fewer Chinese tourists. The draw to places such as New Zealand and Australia is understandable due to them being the closest places to China with very Western influences. Both countries also have fascinating historical cultures in the Aborigines and Maoris. Places such as Hastings in the North Island can provide Chinese tourists with beautiful places to stay, which will give visitors a great balance between picturesque countryside whilst remaining with close proximity of amenities. New Zealand is famed for its natural beauty and tourists from countries such as the UK have often voted it the best holiday destination in the world. Therefore, it really should be a place which Chinese tourists begin to visit more and more as tourist patterns slowly change and awareness spreads.