How to Keep Insects Away From Your Home


Insects and bugs are beneficial to the environment and ecosystem but we would like to keep them outside, not in our home.

Insects and bugs can be big problems to homeowners. Some people are allergic to them. Here are some tips to keep insects away from your home.


insects1. Install Screen Doors and Windows

Repair or replace your glass doors with screen doors if they have any received any damage because insects can come through the cracks.

Install screen doors and windows in your home to protect it from insects and pests. Screen doors will provide a micro mesh screen to keep flies, bugs, mosquitoes and other pests away. They are also used for home security, so they provide extra benefits. Down Under Screens provide security screens in Brisbane to make your home peaceful and free from unwanted insects.


2. Seal the Doors and Cracks

Screen doorInsects and pests can get through any gaps you might have. Make sure all exterior doors are fitted well into their frames.. Fill the gaps around the corners, sides and tops of each door with door seals. Use caulk to seal any cracks in your walls and exterior walls.

Insects can also come through tiny gaps around the gas or telephone lines. Use a spray foam product inside your home and seal these with caulk outside your home.


3. Fix Leaks that Cause Moisture

Insects need to be in humid conditions to survive, so moisture can attract them. Fix any leaks in your home. Your plumbing and pipes can be a haven for them to live in. During the rainy season there can be problems so make sure you have a proper drainage system.


4. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Crumbs and spills can attract bugs and insects. Always sweep up and vacuum right away after using the kitchen. Do not leave dishes in the sink, clean your microwave regularly, secure all food packages i.e. cereal, grain, rice or pastry and clean your stovetop every day.


5. Clean Your Pets

Your dogs and cats can bring pests into your home. Wash them and all of their things, such as their bed, regularly to keep them clean. Some bugs like pets’ food so clean up after your pets every time they finish eating. Houses with pets need extra care and work to keep pests away.


6. Take Care of Your Garden

Some kinds of trees can cause you problems with bugs. Prune them regularly to make sure they aren’t in contact with your home. They normally use leaves and branches as a way into your home. Do not rest them on your roof and walls.

Plant herbs in your garden. The scent of many herbs are unappealing to insects and effective in keeping them away. Mint and tansies can keep ants out. Mosquitos do not like lemon grass. Lavender, tansies, basil, rosemary and even cloves can also keep them away.