Emigrating to Australia from China? – What You Need to Know Why?

Sydney Australia

More and more Chinese people are migrating. The relative wealth that exists in the country means that people are looking to take their lives elsewhere. Whilst North America tends to be the most popular destination to emigrate to, a large number of Chinese citizens have taken the shorter trip to Australia. It offers a similarly Western culture with a favourable climate and there is a large number of Chinese migrants already living there. In fact Australia has a history of inward Chinese migration since the 1840’s when people moved there for farm work. Only 10 years after this the gold rush drew even more migrants into the country. The 1970’s saw a lot of Chinese move to Australia to avoid the war in Vietnam. In more recent times Australia has become one of China’s biggest trading partners and the influx of Chinese students only furthered this relationship. In fact, in 1989 after the Tiananmen Square protests the Prime Minister offered that students could gain permanent residency in Australia.


SydneyThe Chinese have settled all across Australia. The region of Victoria around Melbourne was one of the first areas that they settled in the times of the gold rush. Bendigo is known as the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the western world. Beyond this, there are plentiful numbers of people of Chinese descendency in Perth, Sydney, Queensland and basically all of the major settlements of Australia. So if you are Chinese and looking to move there you can’t really go wrong, unless you head into the outback.


Obviously living in Australia will be culturally very different to China and it may take some time to adapt. To be honest moving to a new place within your own country needs a period to acclimatise but certain aspects of Chinese culture and some of the more Western ideals found in Australia can make it a bit of a culture shock to some people. There are a few things you should be aware of to ensure you settle as quickly as possible.


Arranging accommodation before arrival is obviously going to save you a lot of bother. Knowing that you have somewhere to live from the moment you land in another country will set you up perfectly.employment


Same as where you live, having a job before arriving will either be a necessity to qualify for a visa or just an enormous advantage to anyone who moves to Australia. If you can get a contract before leaving China then it will really be of benefit.


Once you arrive get all the things you need to live as soon as possible. Be it furniture, setting up maintenance bills, transport etc. get it all done immediately. Don’t forget things such as your television and all the white goods you will require. If you are unsure of how to set up your television services, many companies will be more than happy to help and items such as fridges, freezers and the like will be readily available either online or in local shops wherever you live. Get all of these things and you will feel at home in no time.