Quality Custom Made Flight Cases and Why You Need to Invest in Them  

The trouble with flying with expensive equipment, is that you can’t guarantee that your property is going to be handled with care. Certainly, you can make a special request or write ‘fragile’ on the side of your bag in big letters, but whether or not the baggage handlers are going to pay attention is anybody’s guess. And… … [Read More]

Why Bangkok Should Still be Such a Draw for Chinese Tourists


Thailand is the most popular destination for Chinese tourists and has been for a number of years. Not just that but the number of visitors is increasing further still. Given the relative wealth of Chinese people who can regularly holiday and the burgeoning middle class with disposable incomes it’s not wholly surprising. Statistics reflect that… … [Read More]

Cycling Around the World

Cycling Around the World

Two wheeled transport has a long history going far back into the 19th century. Still even now, bicycles are widely used as an alternative form of transportation. In the modern world, the metro or cars are not the answer for urban people but bicycles are. Riding a bicycle benefits your finances, the environment and your… … [Read More]