Capitalising on Chinese Tourism in Australia


There are more tourists visiting foreign countries from China than anywhere else. Given the increasing middle class numbers and economic surge which China has experienced in recent years the disposable incomes available to spend on short term vacations have increased and just the sheer number of people involved has led to vast numbers of new holiday makers who bring large volumes of cash to spend. Australia has been one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists over the years. In a recent poll, Australia was voted the destination which Chinese people are most interested in visiting next before some of the more traditionally favoured locations such as Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Part of the draw to Australia seems to be that it is geographically quite close to China but enables visitors from Asia to experience a very Western style of life. In addition to this it is far less polluted than major parts of mainland China and the currency exchange between the two countries has allowed Chinese tourists to take advantage of favourable rates.

Changing Landscape

Whatever the factors may be which draw visitors to Australia there are people who fear that this growth may not continue. Countries such as Russia are starting to entice more visitors from China and Australia’s economic growth is not quite what it once was. It is due to this that services and businesses in Australia need to react to the changing market and capitalise on any potential tourists to stop them looking elsewhere and to continue to attract Chinese holiday makers. A downturn in Chinese cash entering the country will affect the service industry in Australia and this in turn will affect the country economically thus creating further consequences. So if you are an Australian business who depends on tourism or you are looking to start a business in this area what and how can you do it effectively to keep Chinese tourists visiting?

Tours and Trips

Tours and TripsA large number of Chinese tourists go on holiday in large groups. Whereas this is not so common among other nationalities it is very common with Chinese holiday goers. So you should make the most of this and set up group tours and large bus trips to make sure you can accommodate the larger numbers. Being able to fill a large bus and take larger bookings can be financially as well as logistically beneficial for your business and you need to make sure you are not in a situation where you miss out on sales. Advertise your ability to handle large tours and market this to Chinese tourists both online, through agents and on-site. Find somebody who can write or speak Chinese so that you can write listings and website entries in Mandarin and potentially host in China also to increase your site’s web speed.

Establish Links with Chinese Agents

Chinese AgentsOne way to increase the likelihood of attracting Chinese people is to build up connections with Chinese agents. By doing so you will increase your advertising reach but there are many other benefits. If you are not able to source a Chinese speaker/writer you will be able to allow them to take over all of these responsibilities. Chinese are not always versed in English and so you should never assume that all nationalities will know a bit of English. An agency will also deal with all of the Visa form filling and this can eliminate one of the major reasons to detract Chinese visitors. In addition to this, prices can be reduced through agencies and so the rates might end up being more favourable and increase the number of potential customers.

Offer Individual Experiences

One mistake which people often make is not making the most of what they have on offer. You should always be trying to highlight what it is that your service or business has which is different to what the potential tourists have on offer to them normally. For example, you could advertise the wine tasting regions and local vineyards around the Northern Island if you are based here. Find something which will be unusual and interesting to Chinese tourists and will give them a reason to come rather than elsewhere. Promote activities which Australia excels in such as fishing. Group fishing charters such as those offered by Anglers Choice will allow tourists to experience something entirely new and still in tour groups so any such unique selling points you may have should be maximised to keep the inflow of customers and prevent them looking elsewhere.