Why Bangkok Should Still be Such a Draw for Chinese Tourists


Thailand is the most popular destination for Chinese tourists and has been for a number of years. Not just that but the number of visitors is increasing further still. Given the relative wealth of Chinese people who can regularly holiday and the burgeoning middle class with disposable incomes it’s not wholly surprising. Statistics reflect that most Chinese tourists visit Asian countries and the geographic location is clearly a factor. It seems that the most popular destinations in Thailand for Chinese tourists are mostly beach based, namely Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya but also Chiang Mai in the North of the country. Let’s be honest they are not the only tourists who want to visit Thailand and flock to these locations. The weather, locale and prices are a magnet to most people looking for a little slice of paradise. But this article is not about these places. This article is to point out the attractions and reasons why Bangkok should be a go-to destination for Chinese tourists. So why?

World Famous Malls

Siam Paragon is known as the location which has the second most Instagram photos taken of any other place in the world, only after Thailand’s international airport Suvarnabhumi. Chinese tourists love to shop and Bangkok has areas suc
h as Siam where you can literally walk miles without even going outdoors. It is possible to walk between 3 or 4 malls and ones such as Paragon are incredibly high end. You can even visit Lamborghini showrooms, that says it all!

China Town in ThailandHistory & Culture

China and Thailand have a lot of historical links. In fact Thailand is said to have the highest number of overseas Chinese in the world. It is therefore natural for Chinese tourists to be attracted to a place where there are such significant links. Chinatown in Bangkok is in the Samphanthawong district. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for any nationality of tourist and so the Chinese tourists are sure to want to experience it. Being one of the oldest areas in Bangkok it was a place where Chinese traders were based back in the days of Rama I.

Infrastructure and Amenities

The Sky train (BTS)Being a capital city, Bangkok has the best transport systems and largest number of services available as opposed to other locations. The Sky train (BTS) and metro (MRT) will get tourists between many of the most popular destinations without them having to worry about Bangkok’s infamous traffic jams. On the islands or in some of the smaller cities it can, on occasion, be more difficult to locate certain services but in Bangkok this really is not a problem. You will struggle to turn a corner without finding things such as convenience shops or laundry service in Bangkok. Places such as Laundry Town and the like will be everywhere and will allow tourists to carry on enjoying their holidays without worrying about the mundane tasks such as washing their clothes. Paying for it in a hotel can end up being quite expensive.

A combination of the Thailand was the top travel destination for Chinese people last year with a total of 7.9 million travelers visiting Thailand. The number accounts for a 70 percent increase from 2014.